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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Things To Come

As promised and/or threatened in the Year End Special, we'll be posting a schedule of films for the Unknown Movie Challenge, so you may, if you're so inclined, bone up before the podcast. You can also go all multimedia on our asses and send in your own thoughts on the subject film. MP3s received before Thursday, January 12 will be played on this weekend's show. Emails will be read on the following episode. Send your musings, mullings, low comedy and high dudgeon to:

This week's UMC will be a twofer of hubris and homosexual subtext on the Leopold and Loeb killings -- Alfred Hitchcock's ROPE, with Jimmy Stewart and Farley Granger, and 1959's COMPULSION, with Dean Stockwell and Orson Welles.

A more comprehensive list of upcoming films will be posted as soon as Jeff recovers from his kidnapping and transportation across state lines for immoral purposes.

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