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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Episode 102: Finale of Star Trek Picard

The Unfrozen TNG Characters show that was Picard season 3 has come to a slam-bang, hip-breaking, fan-serving finish, and we have some thoughts.

Friday, April 21, 2023

I Was Attacked By Stoner Aliens on 4/20!

Hey guys, Scott here, with my annual holiday wish that all those so inclined got their buzz on yesterday, and achieved Maximum Mellow. Me? I was the subject of yet another alien visitation, when Mike & Ike suddenly decided to drop by Earth and remind me I owed them five bucks and seven minutes alone with my Salad Spinner™. Fortunately, this pan-dimensional, pan-sexual, pan-bearded pair of otherworldly imps--unlike some other extraterrestrials I could name (lookin' at you and your strap-on, E.T.)--they chose not to probe my anus, for reasons that were typical of the two:

IKE: Now don't take this personal, Scott. 'tain't personal, we like ya jus' fine.

MIKE: It's merely that we can tell, even from a distance, that you have an usually boring anus.

So it's a Good News/Bad News thing. But on the bright side, they landed in the middle of a Midwestern poetry slam, and closed out the evening with a tight 10.  Please enjoy...The Return of Mike & Ike:

Monday, April 10, 2023

Episode 101: The Star War

We're back!

And we're not dead! (Or in Jeff's case, we're mostly not dead!) Join us for an update on Jeff's latest adventures as a contestant on OPERATION! (The Goofy Game for Dopey Doctors), and then settle in for a long overdue discussion of The Star War.

You know the one.