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Saturday, December 31, 2016

The Slumgullion’s “Thank God It’s Over” 2016 Special

Note: In the days since Scott and Jeff recorded this retrospective, we have lost George Michael, Watership Down author Richard Adams, Carrie Fisher, and Debbie Reynolds. This episode is respectfully dedicated to their memory.

Note 2: This episode is completely unedited.

Note 3: This episode contains several very important announcements.

Note 4: 2016 will never be spoken of again.

Saturday, December 24, 2016

A Slumgullion Special “Wait, That’s Not the Black Guy From the Last One.”


Scott Clevenger, Jeff Holland, Mary Clevenger, Blanche Ramirez, John Szura


Rogue One


Ian Gordon



Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Slumgullion Black Friday Special: Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Or "Who is This Man and Can I Hit Him?"

Here’s a little something for you as you recover from your wounds after shopping.  Jeff and Scott discuss Star Trek casting, the extended cut of Suicide Squad and a couple of video games Jeff is playing before they spend about ten minutes on a new film that does not deserve ten minutes:  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.  There are a few spoilers, so do not listen if you want to be surprised or if you liked the film.

The Slumgullion Episode 20: Doctor Strange

Or "Peter Hooten is an Earthbound God"

Special Guests: Mary Clevenger, John Szura, Blanche Ramirez and ?

Music by Lynn Ahrens

You may have thought the recent election is the most surprising thing to ever happen, but this episode actually has it beat.

It’s the New Movie Crew (Coming right at you!)! Today’s topic: Doctor Strange.  Scott, Jeff and Mary handle the non spoiler discussion after Jeff proves he knows very little about Harry Potter.  There is an educational break.  The SPOILER discussion of Doctor Strange features Scott, John, Blanche, and two immortal alien stoners.


Although they’re not really here, as you’ll hear.

Strap yourselves in, nuggets.  This is an E Ticket.

The Slumgullion Episode 19 “Gargoyles (1972)”

Special Guest Hank Parmer

World O' Crap staff writer and spiritual Godfather to Frogs: The Musical, Hank Parmer joins in for a LIVE PREMIERE of another song from Frogs, plus the usual pop culture potpourri. The Unknown Movie Challenge this week is the 1972 Made for TV movie Gargoyles.

NOTE:  Want to hear a really funny book read by some really funny people?  Click here

The Slumgullion Episode 18 “Magnificent Seven (2016)”

Guest starring Mary Clevenger, Blanche Ramirez and John Szura

A Quinn Martin Production

Format is thrown out the window as the New Movie Crew descends on the remake of The Magnificent Seven and skeletonizes it like a school of piranha.

The The Slumgullion Episode 17 “My First Straight Boner”

With Special Guests Mary Clevenger and Indy McDaniel

In which a happy discussion about Stranger Things turns into a hateful rant from Jeff about three new horror films.  After we relive some childhood memories, the Unknown Movie Challenge is 1957’s Invasion of the Saucer Men.  Many tangents ensue.

The Slumgullion Episode 16 “The Quicker Picker Upper”

In which our heroes, dealing with pain, insomnia and demonic possession, discuss MST3K, religious propaganda, and play the "Who Should Beat Up Kirk Cameron?" game. For the Unknown Movie Challenge (dig that new theme song!), we have a free floating discussion about a free floating film: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai-Across the 8th Dimension. Other things are mentioned and the theme for the Unknown Movie Challenge is revealed. Break Music by Michael Boddicker

A Slumgullion Special “Grumpy McGrumpnuts Goes Viral”

Starring Jeff Holland and 85% of Scott Clevenger

Music by Benny the Jukebox

They were so happy last episode.  Good films, good music.  All seemed right with the world.

That was then.

There is some drama currently happening on the internet and this potential Orwellian nightmare has Jeff annoyed for entirely the wrong reasons.  He then proceeds to go back on a vow he makes earlier in the episode by calling someone out who desperately deserves it.

Not a happy special at all.

But it ends with some good TV talk and a great song.

The Slumgullion Episode 15: Fiend Without a Face

Songs by Bleachers

In this surprisingly happy episode, Jeff gets some fun news about Frogs: The Musical and celebrates by offering one heck of a deal for one heck of a film, as well as by singing high praise for the new movie The Mind’s Eye, starring friend of the show Graham Skipper. 

There is also some Ben Hur hurt. 

The Unknown Movie Challenge is Fiend Without a Face from 1958, featuring the deadliest of brains and the whitest of actors.

The Slumgullion Episode 14 “Pearl Drops do NOT Help the Eyes”

Music from Scooby Doo and My Little Pony

Part the First:  In which our heroes discuss Luke Cage, Star Trek and Jeff defends a mildly controversial Suicide Squad opinion.

Part the Second:  In which all notions of time, space, and reality are thrown into the crapper as our heroes take a listeners' challenge and discover the painful, confounding, life and soul draining universe of Earl Owensby.

Prepare yourself for The Wolfman (1979).

Slumgullion Special “No Bat Glove, No Bat Love”

Featuring the New Movie Crew: Mary Clevenger, Blanche Ramirez and John Szura

Song by Nick Gage and Scott Lamps

Five intelligent, opinionated film fans, two DC Films (The Killing Joke and Suicide Squad), and a song that would have made the titular fight in Batman v Superman a million times better.  ‘Nuff said.

The Slumgullion Episode 13 “Who Doesn’t Love Sassy Sue?”

Guest starring Blanche Ramirez and John Szura

Jeff and Scott have a discovered a new to them film genre…Hillbilly Soft Core…and it is every bit as WTF as you can imagine.  Strap in for cringe inducing jokes and cringier inducing nudity.

Writer’s Block Episode Three “Colleen Tews”

Song by Choir! Choir! Choir!

Another story teller tells stories about story telling.

Colleen, author of BIRTH OF A VIXEN, and Jeff have been friends for almost two decades.  You can tell this as they discuss her book, live action role playing games, kinky vampire sex, and Colleen’s roles in two somewhat known horror shorts.

You can find Colleen on the web here

Mike and Ike’s SURPRISE and Mike and Ike’s SKELETONS -- WARNING:  These shorts contain some strong language and are pretty dark.  If you haven’t seen them yet, you might want to watch before you listen.

Slumgullion Episode 12: Ghostbusters (2016)

Starring Scott Clevenger and Jeff Holland with the New Movie Crew: Mary Clevenger, John Szura and Blanche Ramirez

Music by Mae West

In Part 1, our panel bounces all over the pop culture map as they are oft want to do, then Jeff and Scott read some mail, and we end with a SPOILER FILLED discussion and dissection of the new Ghostbusters.

Slumgullion Episode 11: What the Duck?

There is a lot of pain in this episode.

 Jeff and Scott discuss four film -- two new, two old (Independence Day: Resurgence, The Neon Demon, Battle Beyond the Stars and Howard the Duck) and really don’t like any of them…at all. Yes, there is a lot of pain in this episode.

A lot.

Thankfully, there is also a brief, soothing balm.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Slumgullion Episode 10 “Mexico Barbaro”

Starring Jeff Holland and Scott Clevenger

Special appearance by John Szura and Blanche Ramirez

Song by Choir Choir Choir

It’s the TENTH episode and Scott and Jeff have planned…something.  First there is the usual fan geekery of Part 1, then John and Blanche do a live performance of Attack of the Clones, while Jeff sings the first number from Frogs: The Musical.

The Unknown Movie Challenge this time is a Mexico Barbaro, a horror anthology of eight filmlets.

Strap in.

Slumgullion Episode 9: The Valhalla Hillbillies

Song by Choir! Choir! Choir!

Jeff and Scott are annoyed.  They’re annoyed at movie fans.  They’re annoyed at comic book fans.  Jeff is REALLY annoyed at the people who publish the new Star Wars books.  After a healing cleanse of R.E.M. by way of Choir Cubed, they tackle 1978’s The Norseman for the Unknown Movie Challenge and while it does not annoy them, it DOES confuse them.

Slumgullion Episode 8: Make Mine Marvel!

With special guests Indy McDaniel, Mary Clevenger, John Szura and Blanche Ramirez

Special Appearance by Jim Moon

Music by James Barkley and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

We begin with Jeff and Scott discovering the true reason behind the technical difficulties of late. Then, live from an abandoned building in upstate New York, Indy, John, Mary, and Blanche join Scott for the usual fan geeky chat of Act 1 then, after a surprisingly appropriate musical number, they dive into Captain America Civil War.  Where is Jeff, you may ask?  Where indeed.

Needless to say, foul language and spoilers abound.

NOTE:  You might want to make sure you listen to the whole episode.

Writers Block 2: Larry Blamire and Scott Clevenger

Song by the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles

What happens when Jeff gets to talk to the writer/director/star of several of his favorite films?  He turns into a babbling idiot.  Thankfully, his Slumgullion co host Scott Clevenger is there to ground him and ask some intelligent questions.

Strap in. This one’s a lot of fun.

Slumgullion Episode 7: Graham Reznick and Jesus Blood

We chat with Graham Reznick, co-writer of the video game UNTIL DAWN. For the Unknown Movie Challenge, Jeff and Scott try to talk about Spike Lee’s Da Sweet Blood of Jesus and it does not go well for anyone.

WARNING:  While the Graham Reznick chat is a lot of fun and informative, the second half of this episode is filled with a lot of strong language and a lot of hate…a LOT of hate…and possible Divine retribution.  We really don’t know.

The Writers Block Episode One - Indy McDaniel

Song by Choir! Choir! Choir!

Jeff Holland has decided that he wants to talk about writing, or story telling, or that he wants to blow smoke up some butts.  He has decided…something and to celebrate said decision, he and Today’s Butt discuss where The Walking Dead and the DCEU have gone horrible HORRIBLY wrong.

The Slumgullion Episode 6 “The Soskas are Going to Kill Us”

We take you back to a gentler time, when people still hated the Walking Dead finale and the Doctor Strange teaser hadn’t dropped yet.  The first half of the show goes by without incident, as Jeff and Scott do their usual pop culture tangent surfing.

During the break, Scott does a dramatic reading from Man of Steel.

The Unknown Movie Challenge this week is David Cronenberg’s Rabid, soon to be remade by the titular twins, and Jeff and Scott discover that the film has a mighty fan.

The Slumgullion Episode 5 “Zack Snyder Hates Jesus”

Starring Jeff Holland and Scott Clevenger

With Indy McDaniel, Mary Clevenger, John Szura, Blanche Ramirez

Ok, maybe he doesn’t, but after listening to this in depth analysis of Batman V Superman, you may believe it. At the very least, you will believe that Zack Snyder hates film audiences…and joy.

Holland V Clevenger: Dawn of Podcast

Opening Theme:  “Super Friends” from Holy Musical B@tman written by Nick Gage and Scott Lamps

Jeff and Scott really, really want to go in depth on Batman vs Superman and a full episode  (with guests!) about it is coming.  For now, here is a half hour tease.  There are spoilers in the second half but you are warned ahead of time.

The Slumgullion Episode 4 “A Kilo of Kilmer”

Starring Jeff Holland, Scott Clevenger, and Indy McDaniel

Jeff and Scott are joined by old friend and smut merchant Indy McDaniel for a discussion about Kanye West, heist films, and the career of J.K. Simmons.  The break is filled with two more songs from Choir! Choir! Choir!  The film for today’s Unknown Movie Challenge is last year’s Turbo Kid, available on Netflix.

Note: Information on Indy McDaniel’s work can be found here.

Note 2: Electric Boogaloo:  Scott’s book Better Living Through Bad Movies can be found here.

The Slumgullion Episode 3 “Ask Your Doctor if Equilibrium is Right for You”

Jeff and Scott spend the first half of the show talking about stupid celebrities, horror musicals, and the usual tangents.

We take a break for two beautiful David Bowie covers done by Choir! Choir! Choir!, then the Unknown Movie Challenge takes on…Equilibrium (2002) starring Christian Bale.

The Slumgullion Episode 2 “It’s Not the Title”

Starring Jeff Holland and Scott Clevenger

The title will make perfect once sense once the episode is listened to.

We take you back in time, to an era pre-last episode, as Jeff and Scott eagerly await the opening of Deadpool. They also discuss the return of the X-Files, a variety of movie trailers, Jeff offers his theory du jour about Rey’s parentage, and someone actually remembers Willie Aames.

Finally, Jeff and Scott discuss Darr @ the Mall, an Indian haunted mall film.

Next Episode: Another film neither of them have seen before: Equilibrium starring Christian Bale.

Two Guys, a Girl, and a Pizza Face

Starring Jeff Holland and Scott Clevenger

In this special mini Slumgullion, Jeff and Scott discuss the awesomeness of Deadpool, with a little Suicide Squad and Batman vs. Superman thrown in for good measure.


The Slumgullion Episode 1 “Shannon Tweed’s Lady Bits”

From the carcass of The All Star Summer Jamboree comes basically the same thing with an equally weird name.  In this episode, Jeff and Scott talk about Jessica Jones, Eyes Wide Shut, and soft core porn before settling down -- in honor of the late Alan Rickman -- for an in depth discussion of the comedy classic Galaxy Quest.

Wookies and Music and Porn Oh My

Another special lead up to Saturday’s premiere of The Slumgullion. Tangents are kept to a surprising minimum as Jeff and Mary deal with a shared childhood trauma known as The Star Wars Holiday Special. Scott has used much medication to remove those horrible memories from 1978, but Mary and Jeff have suffered greatly, and it is time for closure.

NOTE: Scott may sound a little distant in this particular conversation, but he is speaking through a tin can attached to a string.

One Last Show Before the First Show

THEME SONG debuts as we gear up for the official launch of the new show.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Pilot Episode: The Force Awakens

Starring Jeff Holland and Scott Clevenger

Jeff and Scott have been Star Wars fans since before it was A New Hope. This is the first time they’ve spoken about The Force Awakens. That’s all you need to know.

WARNING: Bad words, shameful secrets, and spoilers ahead.