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Thursday, October 12, 2017

Late To The Party

Episode 38 is here, or as we like to think of it, 38 Special!

Okay, we'll stop thinking of it that way.

Current events have sent a tender and bruised Jeff scurrying for his safe space - talk radio. Meanwhile, Ike returns to face off against Mother!, while the remains of a Revolutionary War soldier musically whines about how long it's taking his own mom to come collect his corpse.

Then it's spies, housewifely drug lords, and implied buttsecks with the composer of The Lion King, as the New Movie Crew gathers at Golden Corral to watch Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

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Saturday, September 16, 2017


Finally, The Slumgullion Returns! With Mrs. C! Star Wars! Firefly! Running Gags! Two non Stephen King fans talking about a Stephen King movie!

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Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Good, The Bad, And The Annoyingly Ugly

Scott and Jeff are joined by Mrs. C for some Star Wars and Star Trek news, before chatting about the pilot for the Joss Whedon series Firefly, because life is a brief candle, all too soon burnt out, so you should find as many new and exciting ways to waste it as possible.

Then The Dark Tower sets Jeff's tongue on fire, and it runs around his mouth for a good ten minutes, completely forgetting to stop, drop, and roll. Finally, the Unknown Movie Challenge this episode is Atomic Blonde, and features a UMC first: a completely spoiler-free review! If you don't count Scott's overly detailed exegesis of James McAvoy's elevator shoes.

[NOTE: Audacity came down with a very nasty cough while editing the UMC segment. If you hear an audible hiccup in that sequence, Jeff requests you blame the editing software, not him.]

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

It's a Reboot to a Reboot That's Also A Sequel to Another Movie (Kill Me)

Welcome back! Sorry for the delay -- there have been a multitude of weird, inexplicable, possibly curse-related injuries and illnesses plaguing the staff lately -- but we hope to make it up to you today with a pretty good show.

In Part I, Scott and Jeff chat about a couple of fun geeky things, and a whole lot of death. Then Jeff Holland, Man-Baby Hunter, paddles upstream against the tears of male Doctor Who fans who are squeamish because the incoming lady time lord might find a new, off-label use for the Sonic Screwdriver, and it could totally void the warranty! Don't you even care?

Then it's time for the Unknown Movie Challenge, where the whole New Movie Crew goes back to high school for Spider-Man: Homecoming. Please join us for this rockin' sock hop, and visit the refreshment table for punch, Skittles, Clearasil, and self-loathing.

(Here's a link to the trailer for Darkest Hour that Jeff was raving about during one of his raves)

Friday, June 23, 2017

Jupiter Ascending Colon

After you've listened to the new show, head on over to World O' Crap and kill even more time by checking out our new, Better Living Through Bad Movies review of the Wachowski's Jupiter Ascending.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Dear Spike And Cronenberg: We're Sorry

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 10: Sickies!

You may have thought Jeff and Scott were abducted by aliens but the truth is much worse. There is tragedy, there is pain, there is discussion that bounces all over the pop culture landscape, including thoughts on Wonder Woman, Marvel vs. DC, MST3K old and new, House of Cards, the Black Panther trailer and most importantly, their mutual love of the classic Universal monster films and Jeff's total hatred of The Mummy.

Monday, May 29, 2017

Alien Meets Charlie Chan!

Season 2, Episode 9

Scott and Jeff engage in a spirited debate about ALIEN: COVENANT - Is it the best thing since sliced bread? Or the worst thing since loose wheat excreted by a Tribble?

For the Unknown Movie Challenge, we pull back the shoji screen to reveal a shocking ménage à trois of stereotypes as three Fake Asian (or "Fasian") detectives of the 1930s compete for the title of Miss Most Racist! Join Charlie Chan, Mr. Moto, Mr. Wong, and Special Guest Star the Xenomorph.

{Note: Thanks to slight technical difficulties, the episode ends rather abruptly, with a Newsies joke. Our apologies to Mr. Wong, who gets short shrift.]