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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Why Aren't Any of the Other Kids Mexican?

In Season 2, Episode 5, Jeff and Scott are joined by the New Movie Crew (John Szura, Blanche Ramirez and Indy McDaniel) for an in depth, spoiler-filled analysis of Logan. Mary Clevenger joins Jeff for their continuing Socratic dialogue about Bones. Plus! A super special fudgey crunchy chocolatey coco chat at the end.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Anyone Can Be Gene Shalit

It's an Unknown Movie Challenge special!

In a heaping helping of happiness, Jeff and Scott break schedule intentionally with a special minisode. 

Jeff has seen Beauty and the Beast, Scott has seen the musical Finding Neverland, and both of them have seen Get Out

(Hint:  the one with the probable smallest budget is the best.)

Saturday, March 4, 2017

I Went Straight For Ten Minutes!

Welcome to Season 2, Episode 4. Jeff returns! To scream at Scott! First, Jeff and Mary catch up on the last few episodes of Bones; then Scott and Jeff are joined by suave Brit Dave Probert, of the Twice as Bright, Half as Long podcast, to chat briefly about Logan, the new Twin Peaks, 50 Shades Darker, and Erich von Stroheim as The Batman. Scott reports from the premiere of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 pilot, then Dave brings us the Trojan Horse-like gift of A Pound of Flesh, a 2015 movie starring Jean-Claude Van Damme's naked, naked ass.

P.S. Here's a link to the piece Scott wrote about the Lou Ferrigno Hercules movie mentioned on the show.

Monday, February 20, 2017

The Great Drywall

Jeff is missing!  Blanche has had Drambuie on an empty stomach! And China's elite Color Swatch Squad is fighting monsters on the Great Wall while tasting the rainbow. Mary has nostalgic news about Star Wars toys, everybody puts on suspenders and defends their favorite underrated Sci Fi films from the death penalty, and Matt Damon makes a special appearance to collect his check.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Very Lesbian Valentines Day

Due to technical difficulties, your regular Slumgullion has been delayed a few days. In the meantime, we present this St. Valentine's Day special, starring Tina Louise, of Gilligan's Island fame, as Sappho, Venus of Lesbos:

Monday, January 30, 2017

Now For Something Not All That Different

Hey, Slumgullibles. Indy McDaniel -- friend o' the Show, frequent guest, and author of the Nadya's Nights series (new volume coming soon) -- has started a YouTube channel with his lovely wife Brittany called Random Viewings, and as with The Slumgullion, the title is pure Truth in Advertising.

"It's random people watching random things and then talking about em," Indy told us. "Movies, TV shows, whatever. If we can watch it, we're gonna talk about it." And there's nothing you can do to stop them!

So, anyway, you should check it-- 

"Softcore porn..." Indy whispered. "Not so softcore porn..."

Well...Okay, then. Click the link above and-- 

"Seriously," he continued. "We're gonna watch everything."

Okay, now it's just a threat. But I'd recommend giving it a look, if only because forewarned is forearmed.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

"Remember After The Licking Scene...?"

Starring Scott Clevenger, Jeff Holland, and Mary Clevenger. With Special Guest Hank Parmer

What starts out as white-hot hatred for Francis Ford Coppola somehow turns into a spoiler filled, non-spoiler review of the new M. Night Shyamalan film, Split.

After Jeff and Mrs. C discuss their bi-weekly Boner, Scott and Jeff and joined by World O' Crap writer Hank Parmer for an in depth analysis of the metaphorical cannibal western horror comedy Ravenous, featuring performances that range from the inexcusable to the tripolar (and one that's actually good)