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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Now THESE Guys Are Gay

Season 2, Episode 1.

With Scott Clevenger, Mary Clevenger, and Jeff Holland; and featuring Indy McDaniel as The Storyteller.

New season, new theme song.

Jeff gets depressed over the death of an icon. Scott cheers him up with a game. Jeff and Mrs. C get geeky over Bones and, in the UMC, Jeff and Scott look at two very early Lifetime films.


Doc Logan said...

Not even halfway through the new episode and I'm compelled to comment!

I was in deep DGAF territory about "Kong: Skull Island" until the second trailer, and now I can't wait for "King Kong Meets Dr. Steve Brule".

Scott said...

I felt the same way, Doc - "I fell for it when I was a kid, but no WAY are you bastards De Laurentiising me a SECOND time!" But then that new trailer came out, and there was John C. Reilly, and here I was, reaching for my wallet...

Indy said...

Jeff and Mrs. C. are gonna make me go pick Bones back up. And I'm okay with that.

Doc Logan said...

I finished the episode, and while this one has fewer laughs than typical, STILL A GREAT DAMN PODCAST. Really sharp analysis of Rope and Compulsion, and who could have guessed that Scott has more highly developed gaydar than Jeff?

Scott said...

Thanks for the kind words, Doc, I'm very happy to hear you enjoyed it. As for my faultless gaydar, I've lived in Greenwich Village, Chelsea, and West Hollywood, so that thing has been pingin' nonstop since the Eighties.

lawguy said...

I'm not sure if you said this, and I'm to lazy to listen again, but the speech by Welles/Darrow at the end of Compulsion was written by Darrow in a sense. It is excerpts taken from Darrow's closing, I believe.

Scott said...

I had no idea the speech quoted from Darrow's closing statement. Now I'm more impressed with the movie and more impressed with Darrow, since that was a remarkably eloquent piece of writing. Thanks, lawguy.