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Friday, December 25, 2020

Slumgullion Presents: A Trap for Santa!

Please join us for our first multimedia holiday special, when Jeff finds an old movie and tries to fill Scott with the Yuletide spirit by forcing him to watch this uplifting story of Christmastime cannibalism.


Meanie-meanie, tickle a person said...

Well, that was...interesting? Still waiting for the canniballage, though. I mean the wife & kids certainly deserved a nice roast of deadbeat Dad, don't ya think? And the little girl would have gone for seconds...
Actually, I think the scenes of the two tykes in bed, jumping on eachother and kicking the blankets around were some of the best footage. Or inchage, this thing being so short...

And Slum, I heartily approve of the new nym. Perfect for this trainwreck of a year.

Scott said...

Thanks Meanie. And I agree about the kids roughhousing on the bed. Suddenly the melodramatic manipulation fell away, and it was just "Kids. They never change."