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Saturday, June 20, 2020

Episode 78: Artemis Fowl

Jeff, Scott, and Special Guest Fairy Consultant Mary C. watch Disney's new film adaptation of the beloved YA book series.

At was beloved before this thing came out.


duquesne_pdx said...

I agree with Mrs. C: Fairie Tale by Raymond E. Feist was a great read.

I also have to agree that y'all talking about it makes me want to read the books if only to try and figure out what went through the movie writers' heads when they put this together.

Jeff, I hope you're getting better.

Scott said...

We're waiting to hear about Jeff's prognosis, but I will pass along your good wishes., DPDX.

Mrs. C. tried to get through the first book, but gave up. I guess it's up to me now, since we share the same Kindle account...

And Mary is very happy to hear there's another reader willing to ratify her opinion on Raymond E. Feist.