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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Crisis on Infinite Slumgullions!

Season 2, Episode 7

WORLD'S COLLIDE in this massive, CW-style crossover clip show between The Slumgullion and the Writer's Block podcasts!

Jeff and smutty author Indy McDaniel discuss geeky stuff!

Jeff and Mary pull out their hankies and wave a tearful farewell to the TV series Bones! (I don't know, but they seem to care...)

Scott talks Kong: Skull Island and Ghost in the Shell with one third of the New Movie Crew!

Scott and Jeff squeeze their geek glands all over the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 and Star Wars!

1 comment:

Doc Logan said...

Aw yeah. An extra big portion of The Slumgullion. Much appreciated.

I do listen to a few other podcasts, but now that there's 14 new episodes of MST3K, this is the only one I listen to on day one. The rest are stacking up until I memorize 14 episodes worth of riffs.

A couple of odd coincidences to mention: first, I used to love "Reptilicus" when I was a preschooler and the local horror movie host (can't remember the name, but he had a cape and spoke with a Your Friend's Dad's Crappy Lugosi Impression He Thought Was Hilarious But Made Everyone Else Cringe voice) would show it repeatedly.

Jeez, but was I ever a moron when I was 5.

Second coincidence: I saw the first MST3K Season 11 episode at a theater. I hoped there would be a huge raucous crowd, but it was just me and an unaccompanied woman.And by that I mean she was by herself, and not that she was singing acapella. We all know the fabled story of how Mary and Scott met at a screening of "Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie". Would history repeat itself?


But it was great to see the show return, and thanks to Joel for finding the right people, because they all get it.